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south indian prawn preparation

Prawn Royyala Iguru

Curry recipe from Andhra where fresh prawns are cooked in onions and Indian spices!

south indian food combo with kebabs and paratha

Chapli Kebab & Ulta Paratha

Pashtun-style minced kebab with specially made Indian flatbread

south indian vegetarian food combo with corn and potato

Makai Malai Seekh & Bharwan Aloo

Creamy corn kebab with spice-filled potatoes

Tamarind Restaurant


Tamarind restaurant is the pioneer of speciality South Indian food that goes beyond idli, dosa and uttapam. Tamarind restaurant has been serving authentic South Indian food which includes Non Vegetarian South Indian delicacies to the people of Kolkata for more than 20 years. It includes delicacies of the coastal regions of South India. Tamarind was the first restaurant to offer the people of Kolkata the authentic taste of South Indian cuisine. We also have an extensive menu of the North Indian cuisine and tandoor delicacies. Newest  addition to our menu are recipes from Maharastra, Gujarat, Goa and Odisha. It is the first time that the people of Kolkata are going to taste authentic recipes of the Odisha cuisine, Gujarati, Maharastrian and Goan cuisine.

Tamarind is situated in Deshapriya park exactly opposite to DKS. It is one of the best restaurant near Gariahat.

famous south indian food chicken preparation

A Glimpse of our Menu


South Indian

Cube of mutton cooked with coconut milk, potato

Chicken pieces cooked with coconut and cashewnut 

Fish chunks marinated with coconut and spices 

Traditional chettinad style mutton curry

Beyond South

A Goan delicacy fish curry combination with steamed rice

Chunks of mutton and baby potato in brown masala

Mutton pieces slow cooked with Indian spices in Kashmiri style

Battered cottage cheese deep fried cooked in onion & tomato 

All Time Favourites


Chef Kannan, at Tamarind prepares some delicious South Indian Food as well as North Indian Food items for every taste.
Try some of our authentic items made from fresh ingredients.
Bon appetit!

Appam with Mutton Stew

Flavoured rice pancake with Mutton Stew

Chicken Chettinad

All time favourite chicken preparation

all time classic biryani from hyderabad south indian style

Hyderabadi Biryani

Hyderabadi style dum biriyani with mutton

famous south indian food chicken preparation

Chicken 65

Marinated chicken deep fried & tossed with yoghurt & coconut with a hint of curry leaves

From the Owner


Mr. Gautam Purkayastha, the Managing Partner of Tamarind has a unique story to offer behind the opening of Tamarind. Gautam took an extensive travel in the year 2000 with his elder brother Dr. Siddhartha Purkayastha by road, starting Kolkata and took the entire coastal route to reach South Indian and South Western Coast.

Being an ardent foodie and having been inspired by great culinary and deep cultural background, it was an eye-opening experience of culinary trials during this journey of 3000 miles across the peninsular India.

Gautam, being a visionary with a difference, immediately wished to have a South Indian multi-cuisine offerings for the Calcuttans which would offer specialities from Andhra, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Coorgi, Karnataka, Goa and Coastal Odisha and Bengal. Gautam mentions that usually South Indian cuisine meant Idli, Dosa, Sambar and other typical vegetarian dishes.

During the journey, Gautam discovered the various cuisines of different states like Malabar, Andhra, Kerala etc. and the popular conception about South Indian cuisine was completely transformed. He shares that the people living beside the coastal regions have more access to fresh sea-foods like fish, crabs, prawns than any other region. Due to foreign invasions, the cuisines have evolved, South Indian Muslims have a different cookery known as Moplah Cuisine while the Anglo-Indians have a different style-in all these regions, having so many different culinary styles and cuisines. So they came back and decided to open a South Indian themed restaurant that will serve all these recipes.

standing picture of GP smiling away to glory!

The Vibe

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“It was a great experience having a working lunch with colleagues yesterday! We had ordered Stuffed Pomfret, Chapli Kebab and Mutton Sheekh Kebab as starters! While for Maim course we ordered Kali Dal, Naan, Prawn Balchao (Goanese), Chicken Xacuti (Goanese) and Bibinca (Goanese Dessert) to close with our meal. For once we realised that Tamarind was larger than its perception of being South Indian Restaurant. The items were delectable, extremely tasty and for once we could not believe our palates! The service is impeccable! Kudos to the team and I hope that they continue to keep up their good work...Cheers😊"
client speak for a great experience
Shantanu Lahiri
Director, White Lotus Advisory
“It’s always wonderful experience having lunch at Tamarind every time.

We keep coming back to Tamarind for the lovely delicacies and such warm services."
great testimonial from client for appam and mutton stew
Shamim Ahmed
Director, Ayur Laya


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Lunch Service : 12:00 to 15:30


Dinner Service: 19:30 to 23:00



177, Sarat Bose Road, Opposite DKS, Deshapriya Park W, Kolkata, West Bengal: 700026

Phone : 79808 65074

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Email: info@tamarindkolkata.com